Our Rugs

When you visit Rossendale Carpets, you will find a good selection of rugs in stock in many different styles and colours. From small rugs to large king size room rugs in colourful, traditional and contemporary patterns and designs.

Our staff are always on hand to help you with viewing each rug and to give helpful advice and information to assist you make the right rug choice.

Why Choose Rugs?

There are many great reasons to choose a rug for your home:

  • Practical

    Your area rug moves when you move. It will enhance the room, organize space, absorb sounds and cushion falls.

  • Durable

    A well cared for rug will last for generations/

  • Fashion

    A rug can be a work of art, and have a good resale value.

  • Design

    From the lure of ancient tradition to the latest contemporary designs, there are an infinite number of area rug designs to choose from.

  • Versatile

    Rugs are customisable in size, shape, design, price and quality

  • Comfort

    Are rugs are soft, comfortable, and luxurious to walk or sit on.

  • Low Maintenance

    Basic care such as vacuuming, fast clean up of spills, and professional cleaning is all that it takes to ensure a long lasting area rug.

Ready To Choose A Rug?

Just come on down to our showroom and browse our extensive collection!