High Quality Laminate

Laminate floors became a very popular alternative to wood flooring in the 90s. If you're looking for floor coverings with timeless design, easy installation and durability then laminate flooring could be the right choice for your home.

From coloured, modern or traditional, a laminate floor offers a range of different designs, styles and looks. Laminate flooring is suitable for every room in your house and can also be used for commercial businesses.

Whatever your requirements are, you will find that laminate flooring is not only easy to fit but also easy to clean. Laminate floors also come with long warranties and even scatch guard layers. You can decide whether to have a go at the fitting yourself or leave it to the professionals - and thats us.

Laminate - DIY Installation

Laminate floors can be very easy for anyone to install, however we do recommend you seek our advice if it is your first time tackling a floor fitting.

Laminate flooring uses a tongue and groove technique, hence the saying "Click 'n' Fit" - Depending on the type of floor you are fitting to, glue, underlay and other accessories may be required. If in doubt please ask.

Foam underlay will provide you with sound-reducing properties. Its advisable to leave a small gap around the perimetre of the floor fitting. This allows for any movement or stretching due to climate change and of course obstructions such as walls. One centimetre is usually sufficient around the outer edge of your laminate floor.

Remember, if you struggle with the fitting fo your new flooring, be it laminate, vinyl or carpets we are only a call away. Our fitters are both very professional and tidy. We believe customer service is paramount when supplying and fitting your new flooring.